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Covid 19

From the 27th of July, we will be re-opening our doors and squash can resume under the guidelines of England Squash. We suggest that you take a look at our guidelines below before attending the club.

In order to be passed safe for members to play, we need to complete a thorough risk assessment to say that all reasonable measures have been taken to minimise the risk.

Full England Squash guidance can be found by clicking here.

The club will be open for players only, so no spectators are allowed.

We will need the support and compliance of all members to make sure that the club is a safe place for everyone. So please follow the rules outlined below.


As part of the regulations, each player needs to complete a self-declaration each time they play. To keep this simple, and to avoid having sign in points, we will be using the online booking system as your declaration.

This means that by booking a court and playing at Yarm Squash Club, you and your playing partner, are agreeing to the rules as set out by the club, and that you are both fit and healthy and have no symptoms of Covid-19 (click here for the latest advice on symptoms).

The self-declaration is also needed so that we know who has been at the club from a Track and Trace point of view. If you have a booking we will assume you were there. If you have changed your mobile phone in the past couple of years, please can you let me know and I’ll update the records.

What type of squash can I play?

While we are all excited to back playing squash, for now, it’s not quite as we know it. You are allowed to play the following types of squash:

  • Normal match play squash with members of a household or a member of your support bubble (to confirm, the support bubble was for any single person to join another household (ie joining parents, sibling or partner) that occured during the first stages of easing of lockdown. You can not create a new support bubble to play squash.
  • Solo Practice
  • Sides (click here to find out more about how to play Sides) or routines that maintain social distance.
  • 1-1 coaching, maintaining social distancing

No doubles is allowed. There can only be a maximum of 2 people on court at one time.

While we appreciate this is restrictive for some people, the club needs to strictly adhere to these rules, and there will be random spot checks at the club to make sure these rules aren’t being broken. We would like to keep the club open 24/7 as normal so please don’t abuse the trust we are putting in you to stick to the rules. Anyone found to be deliberately breaking the playing rules will have their membership suspended until the rules have been eased. This will be a countywide procedure for all players in all clubs.

We are hoping that after a period of restricted play, then we will see the lessening of these rules.

Court bookings

The booking system is being updated so that each time slot for courts is 1hr. This doesn’t mean that you get an extra 15mins of play. The extra 15mins is to allow time for you to get in and on court, and then out of the club after you have played, so that we restrict the number of people in the area at the back of the courts.

Please Note: We have been informed by ProBookings that this update has only been applied to the mobile website. Therefore, you need to book a court by visiting the booking page on your mobile. This is due to technical constraints that are outside of our control.

If you are late for your court time, you still need to finish at the allocated time – the extra 15mins is not a buffer to compensate for your lateness!!

Courts will be staggered, with bookings available every 15mins, this is to make sure we are arriving and leaving at different times.

The booking system is also being updated so you can include the name of the person you will be playing. This is so we have a log of who is in the club for track and trace purposes.

You won’t be able to use the booking machine at the club, this will disabled.

If you have booked a court already then you will need to rebook it once the booking system has been updated (I will let you know when this is).

Getting around the club

The club is operating a one-way system, so you enter and leave through different doors. Entry is the normal main entrance, the exit is the old main entrance by the side of court 1 (for those who might not remember the old entrance, you need to go through the door next to Court 1 and the exit is just there on the right) – signage is in place to guide you.

Please try not to touch anything unnecessarily while at the club.

Arriving at the club

You need to arrive at the club no longer than 5 mins before the start time for your court and be ready to play. Please use the full car park and try not to park too close to other vehicles.

You need to bring with you everything that you need (water etc). You can’t use the inside of the club for warm up activity, this needs to be done before you get there, or in the car park if you prefer, just not inside!

On arrival, you will need to use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the squash club area. This means your hands should be clean BEFORE you enter the keypad code and touch the door handle.

You will also need to change into your squash shoes once inside the club (please don’t play in the muddy trainers that you have walked in with!!)

The changing rooms will remain closed, so you can’t change or shower in the changing rooms. We hope that you won’t need to use the toilets while you are there, but if you do, please use the toilets in the main entrance area, NOT the changing rooms toilets. You will need to follow the one-way system to get from the courts back to the main entrance to do so.

You will also notice that all furniture has been removed from the area at the back of the courts. This is because sitting / loitering in this area is not allowed.

Hand sanitiser is also available inside the club next to every court. Please use it before entering the court.

During Play

You need to take all of your kit and belongings on court with you. It can’t be left in the area outside the courts.

Once you are on court, you are not allowed to leave (so breaks between games need to be taken on court). The water fountain will be unavailable, so please bring your own water with you.

Do not touch the walls or glass backs. I know sometimes this is unavoidable, however the less things we touch while at the club the safer we will be. If you do touch the walls, please make sure you wipe it down afterwards with 70% alcohol wipes. These will be provided by the club.

The use of sweat bands is encouraged to minimise sweat droplets.

After your game

After play, you need to wipe down everything you have touched. Cleaning equipment has been provided (paper towels and cleaning spray) so please ensure you clean the door, door handles, light meter, court heater (if used) and walls / anything else you have touched while at the club. Then dispose of the paper in the bin.

You need to take all your belongings off court with you and leave by the exit next to court 1.

You can’t use the changing rooms to shower or change. A change of top is recommended.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided before leaving and touching the exit doors.

You can’t do any cool down exercises inside the club, so if you’re like me and spend longer stretching than playing, you will need to do it outside, or back at home!


The club will be having a deep clean before reopening. It will also be cleaned each evening after play. It’s not possible to deep clean the club after each court time, so members are responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and others by following the cleaning procedures as outlined above.


There will be no group coaching for the time being. So there will be no junior coaching on a Sunday morning, and no club coaching on a Thursday evening.

1-1 coaching is available, and if you wish to have some coaching, please contact our England Squash qualified head coach, Jonny Buckton to arrange. Jonny is on 07982 656130

First Aid

The club does have a first aid kit, however members are encouraged to bring their own small first aid kit. In an emergency, if CPR is required, the recommendation is to do chest compressions only. If mouth to mouth is required, please use a face covering.

The Bar

The bar will be open on weekend evenings up until 11 August, when it will reopen properly. You can still enjoy a drink after your game but, like the club, the bar also has its own rules that you must follow.

You must enter the bar through the main entrance, sanitise and sign in at the register. There is also a one-way system in place, which is marked out on the floor.

The bar has been refurbished by Glynn while we have been closed, so it’s looking nice and smart so we encourage you to still use it! It also has, wait for it….a card reader!! So you can now pay for your drinks with contactless payment, which we would encourage to avoid transmission.

If you have any questions or concerns surrounding Covid-19 then please speak to Paul Chudley who is our designated Covid-19 officer.


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