Yarm Squash Club

We Have Moved to Our New Booking System

To confirm. All court bookings must now be made through wazygoose. The meters no longer accept £1 coins. You must either add some credit to your account or pay via credit card.

Court Time

Courts have reverted back to the pre covid 45min slots. So, after a period where we have all got used to a bit of wriggle room, we have reverted to straight, back to back 45mins sessions. This means we will be back to the polite knocking on doors when your time is up and someone is eager to get on.


Each court costs £5. How you split the court cost is entirely up to you, options include but are not restricted to:

  • Book alternate sessions if it's a regular playing partner.
  • Bring ¬£2.50 in change to repay the booking.
  • Bank transfer.
  • Refund values are staggered depending on the notice given for the cancellation.

If you cancel you will LOSE the following values from your booking cost:

  • Within 24 hours - ¬£3
  • Within 48 hours - ¬£2
  • Within 72 hours - ¬£1
  • Outside of 72 hours - ¬£0

The main aim of this isn't to be mean/make more money/hit people in the pocket. It is to stop the speculative booking of courts that aren't used, or cancelled to allow other members the chance to use them. Twice in the last fortnight we have been fully booked but had no one on court.

If I book a court and my opponent cancels, how do I get my money back?

The simple answer is that you won't. However, we would hope that anyone who does cancel, which costs another member the court booking, then they would reimburse any lost money.

We have also set up a private members facebook page so that anyone can advertise a potential last minute court booking to a much bigger group than they might normally do. This will be a great way of making sure you don't lose out and will introduce you to other members you might not normally play against.


If the lights don't come on, If there is any conflict with court bookings/timings or if you have any questions that aren't covered in any of the above, please contact Jonny (coach@yarmsquashclub.co.uk).


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